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JIMMYPAREDEZ.COM is a music production company whose main purpose focuses on gathering the best musical talent, whether composers, singers, musicians and engineers towards the creation of original songs for film, T.V. and advertising, bringing them together at our state-of- the-art , digital recording studio in Miami, FL. Our job is to find and gather the suitable elements, voice or musical arrangements in order to create the right song for your artistic or commercial project.


JIMMYPAREDEZ.COM offers additional services, such as DJ, live entertainment, Duos, Trios and Bands in all music genres: Jazz, Pop, Latin, Rock and Contemporary for all types of events.




JIMMY PAREDEZ, composer and music producer was born in Cali, Colombia. From a very early age, his musical inclinations became evident. He founded several rock, pop bands and ballad trios.

At the age of fourteen, Jimmy becomes guest vocalist for the band “Mamut”, performing concerts at schools and theaters.

Later at sixteen, Jimmy joins the band “Kronos” as lead-singer with David Corkidi on guitar, Isi Toledo on drums and Wilman Garcia on bass, performing concerts at coliseums, pubs and theaters all over the country.

He also attends private classes and seminars at various academic institutions where he studies music theory, vocals, and musical composition, emphasizing deeper into his musical vocation.

In 1986, Jimmy travels to Miami in search of new horizons and is introduced to Gustavo Arenas, the Grammy-awarded producer. They work together on demos of his songs.

In 1989, Jimmy meets Estefano, a Colombian producer for great stars such as Marc Anthony, Chayanne, Alexander Pires, Paulina Rubio, Shakira, and Julio Iglesias, with which he would later collaborate.

In 1992, Jimmy performs at “OTI Festival – Miami”, coming in second place with his song “Vamos a Cambiar”.

In 1994, Jimmy performs chorus vocals for the duo,” Donato and Estefano”. The same year, he travels to Colombia to join his childhood friend, Marcelo Cezan. While in Colombia, Jimmy records five of his songs with the band “Luna Verde” in two of their productions.

Pilar Duque, a renowned famous singer, famous for “ranchero” music interpretations, records three of Jimmy’s songs on her album “Gracias a Ti”.

Yolanda Rayo, singer for the main theme of the novela “Betty La Fea”, records Jimmy’s song “Vivir sin Ti”.

In 1997, Jimmy coordinates production of the album “Entre la Linea del Bien y del Mal” by Donato y Estefano”. The band travels to Cuernavaca, Mexico to shoot the main song’s video with renowned Argentinian director Gustavo Garzon. Sony Music appoints Jimmy as Tour Director for the famous duo on their tour of Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and Chile.

In 2003, the Cuban band “Chekere”, records one of Jimmy’s songs giving title to the album, “Por Ti”.

In 2004, Jimmy works alongside Eduardo Paz, a widely known Argentinian author and first manager for Shakira and promoter for Marcelo Cezan, Angie Cepeda, Lorna Paz, Carolina Sabino amongst others.

Eduardo and Jimmy compose twelve songs for Marcelo Cezan’s new album.

That same year, Jimmy is placedin charge of Artist & Repertory as well as Production Coordinator for Estefano’s firm EPG, searching for new talent and choosing artists and composers towards new productions.

In 2005, Jimmy and Estefano compose the song, “Vuelve Morenita” for Estefano’s album “Codigo Personal a Media Vida”. The album was a great hit in Spain and Latin-America.

In 2007, Jennifer Lopez records Jimmy’s song “Te Voy a Querer”, as part of her album “Como Ama una Mujer”, produced by Stefano. At the same time, Jimmy begins production for Mara, a Colombian singer/song writer with whom Jimmy continues to collaborate.

In 2008, Jimmy and Estefano work together again selecting songs for Paulina Rubio’s new album.

In 2010, Jimmy produces two songs for Zumba Fitness, one of which is entitled “El Amor”, which later becomes a world hit.

In 2014, Jimmy collaborates with Koke Montes, writing eight songs for Koke’s album entitled “Ya no Aguanto Mas”. The album is produced by Fredy Camelo, director and guitar player for Andres Cepeda’s band.

Jimmy has collaborated with an array of artists and producers the like of Maria Isabel Saavedra, Fabian Alicastro, Pilar Quiroga, Jimmy Rey, Leandro Fernandez, Koke Montes, Gustavo Arenas, Jaime Valencia, A. J. Milo, Marcelo Cezan, Eduardo Paz, Alvaro Ruiz, Fredy Camelo, Elking Big Bread and Oscar Caballero.



Jimmy Paredez offers a wide array of production and post-production services:


    • Live Music Event Entertainment
    • Lyric Development
    • Mixing and Post-Production
    • Original Score Development
    • Studio Recording
    • Songwriter Promotion
    • Talent Representation and Management



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